Umbrella Projects

"It's not OK to hurt a child

Every day it's not OK

Umbrella Hearts

Umbrella Ribbon 


A child safety awareness programme that believes children are to be kept


The Raindrops

The ribbon has raindrops (tears), they signify the trauma the children may have experienced,

The Umbrella

The umbrella is a symbol of protection, (a protective shield) represents (YOU) the carers who choose to care for and protect the children from further trauma (abuse).

                 Wearing the ‘Umbrella Ribbon’ you show that you care about the children and that you know it is important to care for and protect children from abuse of any kind.

It shows you are a person who will stand up and be a protector of vulnerable people, our children.

It's not OK to hurt a child

Every day it's not OK

The message:

You will step up and protect children

You will have the hard conversations

You will be the child's umbrella (their shield).

You will let it be known it is NOT OK to hurt a child


You will NOT stay silent if a child is being abused

Join us and become that shield for our vulnerable 


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