We can protect the lives of children by our own actions, 
expectations & becoming that Umbrella to protect our children.


Umbrella Hearts is a project of Hearts & Hands Community Development, a not for profit charity which has Australian Tax deductibility status.  

The umbrella as an item to shield us, becomes the symbol of protection for our children.

Umbrella Hearts  it is a child protection campaign with the message that

"it's not ok to hurt a child

    every day it's not OK".  

Umbrella Hearts is a site offering links, information and encouragement to site users enabling them to be informed, take control, protect and stand up for our most vulnerable people, the ones with no voice, our children.

When you wear the Umbrella Ribbon (available from this site) you show that you care, and that you know it is important to protect children from harm.  

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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much - Helen Keller

We CAN defeat Child Abuse in our community

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Helpful Links

Hearts and Hands Community Development

​Hearts and Hands Community Development provide assistance to poor & disadvantaged communities to develop community income generation projects, education, support, enhance safety and remove abuse within the community and teach safe health and hygiene practices. Encourage the assisted community to develop a sense of pride in their achievements and develop a pass it on attitude.

It also operates projects Umbrella Hearts and Butterfly Hearts

H&H Logo.png

Kalipay Negrense Foundation (Philippines)


​Kalipay Negrense Foundation, Inc. supports the causes of disadvantaged children.  They also manage homes and support communities wherein the needs and rights of disadvantaged children are protected and where they are empowered and allowed to grow in a fun, healthy, safe and loving environment.



NAPCAN offers training and programs Australia wide which focus on offering best practice in prevention of child abuse. View our training calendar to view and book programs in your area.

Child Family Community Australia

What is child abuse and neglect?

This site provides information about abuse, what it is and the different types of abuse.

General Public - Making a Report

Reporting Child abuse Contact details for each state and territory

Child Family Community Australia

Information about Mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect

Mandatory Reporters - Making a Report

Mandatory Reporters = Reporting Child abuse Contact details for each state and territory

Why Umbrella Hearts?

The umbrella is used to protect us.​​

  • You can become that umbrella for our children. 

  • Abuse is a crime, don't ignore it and don't stay silent if you know it is happening.

  • It takes a community to raise a child, YOU are part of the community, will you play your part?

  • No person or child deserves to live in fear or being abused.

  • You might be only one person but together we are many, we are a army for the protection of our children.

Abuse takes many forms,

  • it is not just child trafficking

  • it is not just child pornography exploitation

  • it is not just children forced onto the street to beg

  • it is not just children going without food or clothing

  • it is not just children suffering intentionally inflicted hurt, broken bones, bruises, burns and poison ingestion

This list can go on and on however we are sure you understand this so we ask will you step up?

Your task should you choose to accept it

  • Stand With Us

  •  Demand abuse in all its forms is driven out of our society and our community

  • Become a true 'community member' and stand up for our children's right to safety

  • Join with us and commit to not remaining silent to known abuse occurring

  • Step up and protect all children

  • Have the hard conversations

  • Be the child's umbrella {their shield}

  • Let it be known 'it is NOT OK to hurt children' 

  • Join this movement to abolish all forms of abuse from within Australia and the World, one community, one suburb, one street, one block at a time

  • Wear the Umbrella Ribbon with pride

Abuse is often a silent and hidden crime in our community.

It continues because 'we' choose not to see it because we don't want to get involved.

We fail to see that we are as involved as those living with and suffering abuse now.


As we are all a product of our upbringing and life experiences these suffering people and children will carry their experiences into their future and ours.


Many will grow with unresolved issues and have disdain for society.


Join with us and start the push back and get these abusive criminals out of our society.

  • Become that umbrella

  • Make it known you will not stay silent

  • Make a decision that abuse of any kind does not have a place in your community

  • Be just one person who will stand up and demand protection for our vulnerable children

  • One becomes many, join others to become a wave of people that will overwhelm the criminal abusers

  • Don't be afraid to report these criminals they deserve to be reported and dealt with by society's standards

  • Take up your umbrella and make a stand, let others know you will no longer stay silent

Lets defeat abuse,

"it's not OK to abuse a child

every day it's not OK" 

If you would like any further information about Umbrella Hearts or its mission, or anything else that we may be able to help you with, please fill in this form and we will endevour to answer you as soon as possible.


Umbrella Hearts

a project of

Hearts and Hands Community Development

ABN: 90706247432     Charity Status: CFN22835





Office location:

Kilaben Bay, NSW,  

Australia.     2283


Email: umbrellahearts@gmail.com


Umbrella Hearts is a project of Hearts and Hands Community Development a volunteer Not-For-Profit charity which has 

Australian tax-deductible status.

To learn more please visit  Hearts and Hands Community Development